September 17, 2014

The Career Fair Series: What You Need To Know

Our Part-Time Job Fair was a hit with employers! Many employers commented on how knowledgeable and well-prepared the students were. Those of you who came were truly Professional Pirates!

The Fall Career Fair is tomorrow, and the stakes are a bit higher: full-time jobs and extremely competitive internships are for the taking, if you put your best foot forward. This post is devoted to helping you job seekers feel just as knowledgeable and well-prepared!

Who is coming? Our final list of who is coming to the career fair is on CareerWeb, and the fair layout will be available at check-in. Come a little early and take a few minutes to get yourself oriented!

What should I say? Have a few questions prepared for the employers that you are interested in. Make sure that you also have a brief elevator pitch prepared.

What should I bring? This month’s newsletter thoroughly answers that question. Check out the September issue!

What should I wear? Business attire is required at this fair. The last post should refresh your memory of what business attire looks like.

What else?

Take a deep breath and stay positive, Pirates! You’re doing a great job, and you’ll get a great job, too!

August 21, 2014

The Career Fair Series: What to Wear

The Part Time Job Fair and the full time Fall Career Fair are right around the corner. It’s time to get ready, and we are here to help! The next few posts are going to make up a Career Fair series. Career Services’ August Newsletter was completely dedicated to making the most of the Career Fair. If you have any lingering questions, definitely check out that issue!

The Part Time Job Fair doesn’t have a required dress code, but Business Casual Dress is recommended. If you’re wondering what Business Casual looks like, the answer is, “I’ll know it when I see it.” Even Forbes magazine isn’t quite sure how to define it, so we’ll focus on what Business Casual is not. Business casual is not as formal as a suit or as casual as jeans—any jeans! Business casual is probably not khakis either, depending on who you ask. You’re safest in a dark skirt or pants and a collared shirt.

At the Fall Career Fair, business attire is required. Business formal is pretty self-explanatory, and there’s another incentive to wear your suit and tie: the LinkedIn photo booth is going to be at the Career Fair, and you’ll want to get a professional-looking headshot for your profile picture!

The Part-Time Job Fair is from 12-3 on September 4th. The Fall Career Fair is from 3-6 on September 18th. Save the date, and meet us in the Student Union Ballroom looking your best!

August 14, 2014

Get A Headstart


(It looks cute when Ikea does it, but maybe you should make your bed.)

Okay Pirates, how did your Self-Improvement Summer go? I did a great job of cooking at home every week, once I got back on track. Unfortunately, I never got back on track with my gym commitment! I guess that will have to carry over to my goals for the fall.

Classes start Monday, which means summer, whether you made it a Self-Improvement Summer or not, is officially over. I know a lot of us have huge goals and challenges ahead. Trying to make Dean’s List, find a job, ace the GRE or get into graduate school would be more than enough to keep you busy, even without all those other pulls on our time (clubs, friends, exercise).  An easy way to gather up momentum to take you through the day and even the semester is as simple as getting up a little earlier!

Getting up early means that:

  • You can finish all the little tasks (emails, reading) before you head out for the day,
  • No lines to battle when running errands,
  • You actually have your evenings for yourself or for fun,
  • You have time to look yourself over and make sure you’re presentable!

I love sleep. Luckily, I also love coffee. Right now, my alarm is set for 7:15 and I usually hit the snooze button until it’s time for me to fly out of bed in a complete panic and scramble to wherever I need to be. I’m gonna push my alarm back and start getting up at 6:15. Who’s with me, Pirates? Let’s get out of bed and get ahead!